Thursday, February 19, 2009

Comment Q & A

Some of my visitors said they can't figure out how to leave a comment. Sometimes I forget that there are lots of newbies out there who aren't familiar with the blogisphere. At the bottom of every post, under the signature, there is small wording, i.e., "Labels", "Links", Comments, etc. If you run your cursor over "Comments" on the page you're interested in, a new window will open up with only that page and a box for your comments.

You can sign in any number of ways.

Hope that helps!

Hubby home today and wants cookies to take to work tomorrow so no stamping until late tonight. We're also doing the cleaning prep for our 50's party next Friday night. Wish you could all be's a dinner and a murder. We'll take lots of pictures and share some. Hubby is pretty good with a camera. :-)



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