Friday, June 5, 2009

And so it Begins...the Ugly

I told you we were beginning the tear out of the laundry has begun. The room is now 21 years old including the Maytags that just won't die. We thought, when we bought the house 6 years ago, they would be the first thing to go but hey...they just keep working. They will be donated to a charity when we get ready to put in the new ones. So you'll know what I'm doing instead of cardmaking, I thought I'd give you a peek.

Can you say 1980's mauve? I mean they loved that color but it's time to go...notice the floor? Stay tuned. There's a story coming.

Upper cabinets down and DH taking out the sink. What you can't see is that he has a walking cast on his left leg. He's a far.

And here, boys and girls, is where the story turns ugly....very, very ugly. That purple stuff on the floor is indoor/outdoor carpet. Been on that floor for nigh on 21 years, it has, but that glue, well it's a fresh as the day it was put on...oh yeah, nice and tacky.
We read on the internet that mineral spirits would soften the glue so it would scrape right up. Well, it softened up alright. Remember I told you my DH is wearing a walking cast? The other foot sported a Croc shoe. Both rubber, both made to hold you securely to the ground...yesiree ladies and see, when my DH stepped onto that glue, that rubber held fast. Neither foot would move. That boy wasn't going anywhere. Now then, I found the situation rather hilarious and wanted to take a picture . He, on the other hand, failed to see the humor in it. He was "madder'n a snake" and threatened me with all sorts of bodily harm if I went for that camera.

I finally had to mix some TSP and liquid detergent and wet down the floor so that the mineral spirits would least temporarily so the poor guy could move. He's thinking the EPA should outlaw that glue and the guy who invented it...and indoor/outdoor carpet..bad stuff, very bad stuff.

He had a meeting today but we'll be back at it tomorrow....He went to buy some hand, I'll keep you posted. It can only get better from here.....right?

Blessings (we need them!)
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