Friday, June 29, 2012

Foodie Friday - Mmmmmm Summer!!

Summertime...melons, berries, tomatoes and them!  When I was a little girl, I didn't like peaches.  Maybe it was the texture or the fuzzy skin, I'm not sure, but that all changed when my great-aunt made a peach cobbler.  Mmmmm, mmmmm...I've been hooked ever since.

Each summer when we go to visit our kids/grandkids, we plan a trip to the peach orchard on the way home.   Before we leave, we poll our neighbors and friends to see who wants some.  :-)    We eat our fill of the luscious peach ice cream they make there and then head home with our fragrant bounty.

Thankfully, they don't all fully ripen the same day, but there is very short window to preserve and eat them.
Here's how I preserve the peach bounty for eating all through the year.

First, peel and measure out a quart of peaches.  I've found a one quart glass measuring cup filled to the top fills a one quart ziploc freezer bag nicely.

Is your mouth watering yet?

I have ready 1/2 c. sugar mixed with 1/4 t. Fruit Fresh.

Pour 1/2 the sugar mixture into the bag, then the peaches, and the rest of the sugar mixture.  Here's where the kiddos can help out.  Shake the bag until the sugar and peaches are combined.

Take a plastic drink straw, open the bag just a bit, and suck the air out of the bag.  (I know there are machines for this part, and I own one but the bags are costly and they suck the juice out as well. Kinda defeats the purpose.)

Here's how well this method works.  While clearing space in the freezer for the new bounty, I found this bag from 2010.  Still beautiful and delicious!

Of course, that frozen bag of peaches went to good use!  I mixed it with some of the fresh ones, grabbed some Perfect Pie Crust from the freezer and with just a few minutes of prep, we had PIE!

Look at those beautiful bubbles, right out of the oven!

Come on over, I'll put the coffee on!

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