Friday, July 19, 2013

May Arts Ribbon/Splash of Color & a Giveaway!

May Arts Ribbon and Splash of Color have teamed up to bring you some fun and inspirational splashes of color featuring our eyelet ribbons and the fabulous H20 Twinkling Colors

I chose to use the Springtime Shimmering Watercolor H20's and since I couldn't decide which fabulous May Arts Eyelet Ribbons to use...I used them all!

Using things I found in my stash, I created this "sweet" little gift set.  I'll show you why it's double sweet in a second.  What you can't see in this picture is the amazing sparkle so I've got some close ups for you. 
I like to keep a supply of all kinds of containers in my stash because I just never know when I'll need a little gift and with my May Arts Ribbon handy, inspiration is never a problem!

Here's what I did:

Paint a small clay pot first with white acrylic paint, then pink acrylic, then lightly sand it and give it a coat of Chiffon Pink Twinkling H20's.  Hot glue a piece of May Arts eyelet around the top edge. Insert a piece of florist foam. Set aside.
Take one yard each May Arts Eyelet Ribbons, thoroughly wet with paint brush/water or spray bottle/water.  Paint with your choice of Springtime Twinkling H20's. Let dry, then stitch with a sewing machine running stitch (you may also do this by hand).  Pull up the stitching so the ribbon gathers.  Layer to form flower shapes and add a bit of hot glue to hold.  Stitch or hot glue buttons to the center.
 See the twinkle?
I have to say that this next step was my favorite.  I followed Marah Johnson's Kosher Salt tutorial to create several tags.  I used all the colors in the Springtime Set and painted away so that I have tags for other projects.  Look at that beautiful sparkle!  I attached strips of May Arts 3/8" Eyelet with Scor-Tape.

Now here's the "sweet" secret.  I painted balsa wood sticks with green acrylic paint, then taped organic lollipops to the sticks!  Tape your pretty May Arts Twinkling Eyelet Flowers to lollipops.
Add May Arts Jumbo Leaves to the sticks using hot glue, then push the sticks into the floral foam.  Add a bit hot glue to make sure they stay put.  Add excelsior to finish.
I thought this would make a "sweet" get well, office or teacher gift. 
Thanks for joining us!  We hope we've inspired you to create and paint your ribbon with a Splash of Color! 
Now you know we love to see you get crafty with May Arts Ribbon and Splash of Color so if you pop over the May Arts and Splash of Color Blogs, you can have a chance to win all 3 of these awesome eyelet ribbons AND a 6 pack of Petite H20's.

May Arts Ribbons Used:

                  447 Eyelet - 1", 5/8" and 3/8"

               448 Jumbo Leaves (not included in giveaway)


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