Saturday, January 31, 2009

Drumroll, Please.........

We went all the way back to August when I first launched my blog, wrote down everyone's name, put them in a handy dandy basket and my DH drew a name....No, he's NOT the blog candy!
And the winner of the blog candy is......
MARYBETH!!  AKA "MBZIM"   Congratulations, Marybeth!!  I'm sending you a Target mailbox and some fun stuff to decorate it with.

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Blog Candy and Chocolate Meringue Recipe Update

First, I'm compiling a list of all my regular visitors. My DH will draw one and I'll post it here.

Next, if you'd like the recipe for the Chocolate Meringue, leave me your email address as a comment and I'll send it to you on a Word document. To answer you, Pam, I'd make the meringue the same day, however, if you use organic whipping cream, and make sure your berries are dry, leftovers will keep several days in the refrigerator....if there are any, that is!


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It's Time for Dessert

I know it's cold where alot of you are and our prayers are with our children and alot of other folks who are without power in the Midwest. We've been without power here after the hurricanes but I think being without it in the winter is much, much harder. So know that we are praying for you and thinking of you.

Here in Florida, late January and February are springtime....and springtime means(although we've been cold here,, where's that global warming anyway!) ......

FLORIDA STRAWBERRIES! and strawberries mean shortcake but at our house they also mean this light and totally divine Chocolate Meringue with Berries, Whipped Cream and Raspberry Puree.

If you'd like to see the recipe, let me know. It's super easy, light on calories (except for the whipped cream but you're not eating it all!) and tastes so extravagant. The Raspberry Puree is drizzled on the plate and a wedge of the Meringue is placed on top. YUM!
Hope springtime is on the way for you, too, but until then here's a preview.
Blessings and Happy Baking,
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