Friday, March 8, 2013

Foodie Friday - Cake Pops!

I haven't done a Foodie Friday in what seems like forever.  DH is having a bake sale for MDA and cake pops are always a hit.  I made a homemade chocolate cake (an easy one bowl cake that will make you wonder why you buy a mix).  Instead of my usual PB frosting, I made an awesome silky chocolate frosting to stir into the crumbled cake.  Email me if you'd like the recipe.

Standing at attention waiting while the rest of the gang gets ready for the chocolate bath (sorry, the light in the kitchen today was awful!)

Drying off after a nice warm bath in chocolate

I was hoping this one would fall off the stick so the cook could nibble but noooooo...

All wrapped up, boxed and ready to go!

Hope they bring in lots of $ for the kids.   :-)

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