Friday, September 9, 2011

Foodie Friday - Magic

Nothing crafty to show you today although I've been working on DT projects and had a group of ladies over tonight to work on those 60 retreat notebooks.  We burned vellum,(!) cut and punched notebook covers and tore borders.  I'll leave to your imagination what they look like after we get one put together.  We also made 60 satin ribbon flowers to adorn the covers.

I did bake a quick treat for the ladies..these bars go by many names but I haven't seen anyone use cornflake crumbs as the base.  I don't like graham cracker crumbs so many years ago I substituted corn flake crumbs and now we don't like them any other way.

See those Ghiradelli chocolate chips?  All melty and gooey...they stay that way because there's no wax in the chocolate.  The best!

Oh, go ahead...just take a bite!  You can find a printable recipe here and a link at the top of the page as well.  
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