Monday, May 30, 2011

CAS121 - Clean and Simple Monday - Memorial Day

This week's CAS challenge CAS121 is to fold or scrunch your ribbon.

Today is Memorial Day in the USA.  This year, especially, we are reminded that our freedom isn't free.  It was bought with the price of our most precious treasure, our men and women who choose to serve in the military.

I am reminded too, that we have a responsibility to be sure we do our part to keep our freedom.   We need to teach our children American History, write and call our Congress men and women to make sure they do what's right to protect the freedom that's been so sacrifically won, and stand up for our country, for our faith as a nation, for our rights as US citizens.

"Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The course of history shows us that as a government grows, liberty decreases."

— Thomas Jefferson

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