Friday, February 3, 2012

Foodie Friday - a confession & a cookie

I LOVE Peanut Butter Cookies...soft in the middle, crunchy around the edges, and oh so peanutty good!  But, that's not my confession..I am probably one of the few in this world who haven't tried this recipe.  It sounds too improbable to work, but work it does AND it's Gluten-free for all those out there who are gluten intolerant.   I made these last week (when I wasn't sniffling and sneezing) because hubby promised them as a prize at work and now, we're hooked.

I used a combo of creamy and crunchy all natural (Krema) peanut butter.  Krema has just the right consistency...not too dry, not too wet.  We can't buy it here so I have to order it (in the bucket!)  If your brand is dry, you many want to try another.
Here's the recipe in printable form so you can have your own...they only take a couple of minutes and just 6 ingredients and I bet you have them in the pantry; so go ahead and indulge...they're worth every calorie.

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