Friday, May 11, 2012

Foodie Friday -Beautiful Burger Buns

Grr..this didn't post when it was supposed to!
Truth telling time...I didn't make these this week because we are in construction mess in the floors, baseboards and DUST everywhere!   If anyone has a few hours to spare, I could use an extra dusting buddy...just sayin'.

The recipe is King Arthur's and since they do a much better job than I do, you can find it here.   They will just spoil you for the kind that comes from the store so don't say I didn't warn you...Best can do the mixin' in the bread machine, go pull some weeds (or come over here and dust!) then just shape'em and let'em rise up....beautiful.

I made some burger size and hot dog size.  That purty shine comes from an egg white wash before I baked them.  I can almost smell'em now.

One more card that I inked my fingers up with this week...I'm so loving those new Collage stamps from Rubbernecker...more truth telling!

Have an awesome weekend!   I'll be here...dusting.

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