Monday, March 30, 2009

Bye-Bye Bunnies

I'm so sad...I know, I know...I was whining about losing my parsley to the bunnies but I miss them. Thursday morning, all the bunnies were in the nest but by mid-afternoon, the smallest two were gone. Friday bunnies. At first I thought they might have left on their own but our young friends, who raise rabbits for 4H, said the mother probably moved them. We hadn't touched them but we had lifted the parsley for photos and I'm sure my scent was there.

Kinda like your children leaving home for the last time. Sad day but you know it has to come. At any rate, I have the pictures so here's what I'm doing with them for Easter. I'm hoping our grandchildren will be pleased.

I really didn't want to cut or cover them too much or add anything that might draw the eye from the picture. I may not use the dots on the remaining...what do you think?

The base is PTI white, first layer is PTI Hibiscus, layered over with Sweet Blush and finally Leaf Green. The green matches the parsley perfectly.

The ribbon is PTI Leaf green. The sentiment & bunny come from the Tags for Spring set.

Thanks for stopping by. Busy week ahead.

Blessings and Happy Stamping!


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