Friday, January 18, 2013

Foodie Friday - It's Green! and drawing winner

It's Friday and I've so missed doing the Foodie Friday posts...trying to get back into a normal non-holiday schedule.  Be sure to stay posted because there is a BIG Blog Hop coming with a BIG card magazine soon.  :-)

Since everyone is on a healthy kick after the holidays, we started making this Green Smoothie for breakfast. Our organic co-op leader makes it for her kids and guess what?  It's delicious!  Even my meat and potatoes eater loved it.

This isn't the bed where our kale is planted but it's green!  This is a shot of what I call our "salad bed".  It got all the herbs, lettuces, radishes, bok choy, etc.  The tomatoes are in pots to the left and the pineapples are in a bed next to the tomatoes.  We have plans to put the pineapples in pots as it's so much easier to keep weeded.

Two more of these raised beds are in the back of the yard with broccoli, kale, beans, peppers, carrots. etc.  They aren't getting enough sun at present due to some huge trees that we hope will be coming down.  They are a nuisance tree that spread by runner and nothing grows under them. They're called Australian Pines and I hate them!  They aren't ours so we can only cut the ones that grow into our property.

Now for the winner of the swing cards and stamp set:

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Eliza said...
Well hello dear lady Charlene, your desk is so tidy. Pity it sounds like the garden is benefiting from your services. Now this card die looks really interesting, you must tell more please.

Blogger if you want to go back switch your compose to HTML to upload and when this is done go back to compose. It is just a little box to the left of the composing section. Hey it works for me and a few others that I have recommend to it that way.


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