Monday, June 1, 2009

Someone's NOT Happy

This is Chloe. Chloe is our 3 year old (going on 6 months!) Goldendoodle. Chloe is NOT happy with me. I had to mop the floor. I mean, there's only so much doggy drool on the hardwood I can stand and I was at critical mass.

Chloe does not care if the floor is wet. She just wants to BE where I am...I mean in the exact spot where I am standing or in very close proximity. Now try mopping a floor with a 45 lb. dog attached to your side. I know, I know....I did it with kids on my hip but they grew up and live in houses of their own. This "happy dancing" puppy will be with us for a long time. (Will explain happy dancing later)

I ordered her to her "place"...and she went dutifully, but this is the look I got when she got there...Now just how much guilt is one mother (I just actually called myself my dog's mother...geesh!) supposed to handle?

I'll be back with some stamping later...we start on the laundry tear out tomorrow...any guesses where Chloe will be?

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IC182/WT219 - Kaleidoscope of Color

I finally found a work around to uploading my images on blogger. It's a great service but when it's's so frustrating!

While trying to dredge up some Mojo, I went to SCS to see what the Inspiration Challenge for Saturday was. What a super cool challenge. We were to find a book cover and use it as our inspiration piece. I immediately drawn to this cover with all of that beautiful color. I probably never would have combined all these colors without that inspiration. WT219 (Ways to Use it) asked us to find ways to use a single stamp over and over....or in this case, and over, and over, and over...... ;-)

I used Papertrey's Text Boxed for the background and image panels. The colors are: Real Red, Pink Passion, Tango Tangerine, and Green Galore. To bring in the blue on the boys shirts I matted the background on Bashful Blue and used black as my neutral. Card is 5-1/4" x 5-1/4". I used the Ribbon Blossom technique...I actually realized I forgot to add the green to the ribbon blossom at the last minute so dug through my stash for this piece of fuzzy stuff to add to it.

It makes me happy to look at it. Hope you enjoy it and give this challenge a try. There are millions of book covers to inspire you. :-)

Blessings and Happy Stamping,


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