Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A CLEAN desk (sort of) and my Punch storage

As promised, here is the photo of my now clean (for me, anyway!) desk. I love, love, love the flat rods we got at Ikea in the kitchen dept. They were under $3 each and they hold my SU punches perfectly. Did you notice those uber cool little holders hanging off the top rod? Those were like 99 cents each and hold my scissors, paint brushes and the like. I really could have used another rod. Our Ikea is a day trip away so can't just run out and get another.
Note to self: If you find something you love at Ikea...get can use it SOMEWHERE!
While we're here, the other buy that I can't live without now that I have old eyes, is the Ott light. Isn't that a pretty one? I found it at a really good price at Tuesday Morning a long time ago. It was something like $57. Retails normally for over a $100 so I scooped it right up.
I haven't finished the shadow box frame yet but since my DH was in a honey do mood, I thought I better take advantage of his skills. The frame holds tiny notes and pictures from my granddaughter. I want to put DP behind them to highlight them. The board inside is linen so it can be changed easily as she and our grandson grow. Got the frame on clearance at Target for $7.
You can just barely see my Janome Sew Mini in the bottom right corner. I wish I had a desk that wrapped around but since I don't, I have a stainless table that sits to my right and holds extra "stuff". It has a shelf underneath the solid surface so that makes it nice.
My desk is actually a computer desk. Not ideal as it isn't as wide or deep as I'd like but it does have drawers and what's really cool is that it has extra outlets built in. Nice for keeping my sewing machine, heat gun, and the like plugged in with a master switch for turning off the power.
I'll post pictures of the rest of the room later.
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MBZim said...

Love those Ikea rods, they're perfect for punches! What a great idea!

Nancy said...

Brave woman. hee hee! Even after I cleaned it up, I made some cards and now my craft area is a little cluttered again. Can't seem to leave it along long enough to get a good pic. :)

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