Sunday, February 15, 2009

Breakfast, Anyone?

Aren't these just the yummiest looking cinnamon rolls? They are in the current issue of Bon Appetit. My mom passed away last year but she had pre-paid for several years of Bon Appetit for me. Every issue reminds me of how much she taught me about the art of baking and homemaking and I thank God for her and those gifts..
These rolls are HUGE! They're made with Yukon Gold potatoes which keeps them super moist. The dough is a bit sticky and there's an error in the recipe regarding the amount of flour necessary. It called for 4-1/2 cups and said it made 12 rolls. I used almost 9 cups of flour and made 2 dozen. Not to worry...they freeze beautifully and I've given a few away.
The coffee's on if you'd like to come on over.
Blessings and Happy Baking!
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jaymack said...

New web page. Cool!
I am on my way over with coffee.

Nancy said...

*drool, drool*. I'll be right over. :)

Sue from Oregon said...

oh I wish I were your neighbor today...I would be knocking on your door for sure! We had snow here, so I made banana choc chip muffins to keep warm...yummy but yours looks better to me!

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