Monday, February 23, 2009

We'll be back after this break!

So sorry I haven't posted in a few days....haven't had time to stamp due to the dinner and a murder party planning....just a few more days to go!! And my back is just as sore as ever. The chiropractor assured me today that that means it's getting better...I sure hope so. Some days my body just doesn't want to move but I keep telling myself, "Mind over matter!".

Planning on taking alot of pictures of the party so will post those here. Hee,hee...we even came up with school colors, a mascot and a school song. Can't reveal them yet but be assured you'll die (um, no pun intended!) laughing when you find out.

We're getting close to 5,000 hits! Wowzers!...thanks to all of you who've taken the time to visit. I have a really nice blog candy to give away so when we get closer, I'll post it.

In the meantime, click on the swinging Lily on the top left. The new Pink Cat Fairy Lily debuted today and she's soooo sweet! She's definitely on my wish list. I just love Lily and Billy! Will have some creations coming with them soon.

Thanks for visiting,
Blessings and Happy Stamping!

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Nancy said...

Was hoping you are doing okay. Those dinner theater parties are always a blast, and yours sounds like it will be especially fun! Have a good time, and look forward to you posting again!

Christi Flores said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I am so sorry to hear about your back but hope you're on the mend and will be better soon!

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