Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Bible Study Name Tag

A quickie post today. I'm doing Beth Moore's "Daniel", so appropriate for today's current events. The homework isn't bad, similar to Esther, if any of you have taken that.
At any rate, I was asked to do the name tags again. I had to crop these down because the glare would have had you running for your sunglasses!!
I like to make the name tags reflect the study. If you'd like to see my Esther name tags, just pop in here.
I'd be happy to make either of these for your Bible studies! Just let me know.
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Sabrina Jackson said...

Charlene, these name tags came out amazing!!! Love the Lion (perfect for Daniel in the lions den ;D) I also love the colors. Way to go and I am not surprised that they love your work and wanted you to make them again this time. GORGEOUS, my friend!!! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

Regina Easter said... the tags...hugs

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