Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Graduation and Wedding Gift Card Time!!



A quick post as I'm off to set up for church tomorrow and then a luncheon later.  Whew...

Two gift card holders for a graduation (I just lifted the emblem and date off the announcement)  wink, wink.  One for a wedding. 

I have a tutorial on the Posh Designs Scrapbook Store blog for those of you who may be new to gift card holder making. 

Thanks for playing with me today!!!

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Mary Beth said...

Love both! Your graduation gift card holder is awesomely professional and way nicer than anything the school's graduation supply company offered. What a WOW!

Sue from Oregon said...

Great idea's Charlene!

Jessica G. said...

Very elegant gift holders! I especially like how you used the distressed stripes texture for such refined projects and re-purposing the emblem from the invitation is pure genius!!

Kelly said...

I agree with Mary Beth, the graduation gift card holder looks very professional! Love the black and white for the wedding one! Both of these are awesome Charlene.

~Jeri~ said...

WOW! Simply amazing Charlene!! I agree with Mary Beth. Your graduation card looks so professional and way nicer than I've seen on any site!! My son graduates in a few weeks, so I will definitely be casing this one!!

Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your talents with us!


Your 2 creations are great ideas. I do that also, if I can cut anything off the invitations, I'll use it in the card I make for them. It's fun to create like that..

thanks for sharing.


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