Friday, June 25, 2010

Foodie Friday - The Fruits of Our Labor

We're back from our annual blackberry, blueberry, peach pickin' trip.  We had such a lovely time...the weather was warm but a lovely breeze was blowing and in the early morning with the birds singing, bees buzzing and blackberries ripe for picking, nothing could be sweeter.  We brought home 10 gallons of blackberries, 1 gallon of blueberries and 3 bushels of peaches...(some for friends).  I'm going to be busy but don't worry, I'll have some stamping for you as well.  Next week, I've got a Paper Cubed (P3) project for you...hint, hint (4th of July!).
This is this morning's breakfast requested by DH.  A handful of sweet, plump blackberries and blueberries and a super sweet, juicy peach topped with a couple of dollops of lowfat Greek yogurt (love that stuff) and a drizzle of local honey.  Super easy, nutritious, and oh so delicious! 

I'm making an experimental cake so will let you know how it turns out. 
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jaymack said...

That is exactly what I had for breakfast. Not fresh picked though.

Sabrina Jackson said...

Oh my goodness, that sure looks yummy!!! Charlene, I am looking forward to see all of those yummy treats you'll be creating with all of that fruit!! You are such an amazing homemaker and do you find the time? Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

Regina Easter said...

hum, that looks yummy

Michelle said...

Oh I'm hungry now!!This looks so delicious. Nothing beats fresh fruit you picked yourself.

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Mmmmmm.......this looks mouthwatering delicious!

Kelly said...

Yummy! Sounds like you had fun! Glad you're back!

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