Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chocolate Covered......


Anyone want to hazard a guess what this is? 

I didn't make it  - my DH did!!  He took the car for an oil change today and said he saw this on the travel channel while he was waiting.  He talked about it all morning and I mean ALL morning.  Thankfully, I had everything he needed...only 2 ingredients. 

Are you ready?.............................

It's Chocolate Covered...............


and it's delicious...I could have eaten it myself, all for me...alone, no sharing, mine! 

 He decided to take it to the kids on Christmas...humpf...unless I eat it first!
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Sue from Oregon said...

Ha! My son would love this Charlene! His sister bought him a bacon cookbook for his birthday last week!

~amy~ said...

LOL! I would never have guessed!

Michelle said...

Hi Charlene

You know, I just want to know who thinks up this stuff?? I mean, there you are sitting in your kitchen when all of sudden you think to yourself...........think I'll dunk my bacon in some chocolate, lol!!

Might get adventurous and try this one day.

Good on your husband for giving it a go. I guess it is just one of those things that you just have to try it and find out, lol.

If I dont catch up with you before, have a wonderful and safe Christmas and thank you for being such a wonderful blogging friend this year.

Big hugs

Michelle :-)

Jules said...

All I can say is Ewww! I sure hope it tastes better than it sounds. Enjoy!!!

Sabrina Jackson said...

Oh my goodness, who would have thought! That is something I have never ever even seen, but would try it in a heartbeat! ;D;D. At first I thought they were chocolate covered pretzel rods. Did not really look too close at the shape. Hmm, I wonder if it would taste good with turkey bacon? Have a blessed Christmas my friend and I hope you'll have a fun time with the grandbabies!!! Hugs, Sabrina

Sandy Ang said...

Can't stop drooling over it. Although I should really cease all my pre-holiday snacking. Already gained 2 lbs !

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