Friday, March 18, 2011

A little update

First of all, thank you to everyone who offered prayers and good wishes for my hand recovery.  It is getting better each day with rest.  It's just something that comes and goes and when it comes....I'm disabled for a few days.

Secondly, BOTH of our computers died...Murphy's Law, right?  First the laptop, then the ancient desktop.  The desktop has been replaced but we don't have it fully installed yet.  We need a 12 year old to help out!!   The laptop will have to wait until the budget recovers.

Thanks for hanging in with the meantime, head over to the May Arts blog.  They are hosting a "Best of" week featuring all the favorites of the designers.  You're sure to find a project or technique you can't wait to try.

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Donna Huisinga said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your hand. Just put us out of your mind--we'll be back--and focus on getting better. That's more important right now.

Sabrina Jackson said...

Oh Charlene, I am so sorry about those computers!!! I know what kind of frustration that brings!! Hope you get the desktop up and running in no time and working for everything you need working!! Sending more hugs and prayers your way my friend!! Sabrina

Bette said...

Boy, it never rains, but pours! Sorry to hear of your troubles. My grandma used to say, "the first hundred years are the hardest." She was so right!

Sandy Ang said...

Do rest up and let your hand recover. Sorry about your computers too - I'm not technically inclined and just hate it when I have to adjust to a new one.

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