Friday, May 27, 2011

Let's go to the Beach!

Summer time is beach time and a girl has to have a stylish way to tote all those beach supplies to the water's edge or to poolside if sand between your toes isn't any option.

Head on over the May Arts blog to see how to make your own stylish and oh so chic carry all.

Two posts today, so if you're looking for Foodie Friday, click here or scroll down for yumminess.

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Sabrina Jackson said...

Oh my goodness, Charlene, this bag is over the TOP!!! I love it and it sure does make a perfect gift. Saw your post on the MayArts Blog and knew right away it was your handy work!!! You are so it!! Have a blessed weekend! Hugs, Sabrina

Joan Ervin said...

You do such beautiful things with ribbon and lace, Charlene...your tote is sooo gorgeous!!!!

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