Friday, June 24, 2011

Foodie Friday - It's all Peaches!

In case you were wondering where I've been all week (in addition to being chained to the washing machine and today, the ironing board - Calgon...take me away...ok, I'l settle for ANY excuse to escape!!), I've been freezing these beauties. 

We didn't have time to pick blackberries this year and gas is too costly for a special trip :-( but hubby did agree to stop on the way home from visiting the grands, to pick up several bushels of these.  I just ADORE peaches!  There's nothing like biting into a fresh juicy peach...the juice running down your fingers, the aroma is like heaven.   We also love to bless our friends and neighbors with some of the bounty as the peaches we get here in the sub-tropical south have been in cold storage so long and picked green, I'm sure that they are mushy and have no flavor at all.

We will making some of these for sure...

(the first time I ever tasted peaches was this dessert made by my aunt when I was 10...been addicted ever since)

Come on over...we'll make peach ice cream, grilled peaches with balsamic reduction (LOOOOOVE this), peach smoothies, peach jam...peaches! They're what's for dinner!

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Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Okay, so now you've got me drooling first thing this morning. Those desserts look so delicious! I love peaches, too.

jaymack said...

Don't you think peaches mean summer. YUM!!

Sabrina Jackson said...

Goodness, Charlene, I would be over in a heartbeat if I wasn't living so FAR away from Florida ;D They sure look yummy and all of things you plan on doing with them....sigh!! I bought some the other day at the grocery store and they had NO aroma and NO taste at all :C. Hubby brought a handful home from a co-worker who has a couple of trees and they were delish. Enjoy those peaches my friend. Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

jen said...

I'm not even a fan of peaches, but you make them sound sooo good! :)
enjoy them!

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