Monday, August 8, 2011

Teapot Tuesday

This week's Teapot Tuesday cards MMTPT158 are headed to the Bronx, NY and Patrick aka PJ who's been diagnosed with two types of cancer.

Here's PJ's story as told by his sister:

Patrick (goes by PJ) was originally diagnosed with testicular cancer and had that taken care of. Soon after, a tumor was discovered in his stomach by his kidney. They had hopes to remove it surgically after his last round of chemo but that didn't happen. His tumor markers went up again. He's had a total of 8 weeks of chemo already. They are also doing stem cell recovery this time which is kinda new so hopefully his recovery should be quicker. He also recently has had to have all of this teeth pulled as a result of the chemo.

PJ is a New York fan so the GIANTS and YANKEES are his teams. I think alot of funny cards right now will be great! He is 41 years old. He loves animals. He has a golden retriever named April. Here is my brother's address:

4410 CAYUGA AVE # 3C
BRONX, NY 10471

If you'd like to send PJ a card to let him know there are people who care, I know he'd appreciate it.  His sister requested funny cards so I thought he might get a kick out of these cute puppies.

If you click to make the picture larger, you can read what the pups have been up to!
I found the puppies online, I can't remember where I got the little baseball player. 

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Sue from Oregon said...

I am sure this card will make him laugh!

bonnie said...

Oh this story made me sad...this will brighten his day for sure! :) Hugs x

Kelly Massman said...

I came over from the Moxie Fab World post about me! I wanted to say thanks for the sweet comment! I also love the card and think it is so sweet that you are sending it to someone who needs it so much right now!

Joan Ervin said...

This is sooo cute, Charlene...the little pups are adorable and I love the little baseball player!!! Patrick will get a kick out of this, for sure!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous card for a wonderful cause! He is just going to love this card!

Monica said...

How thoughtful of you, Charlene! The puppies are adorable.

xxx Monica

Bev Gerard said...

Who wouldn't absolutely adore this cute card! Love the baseball player too ... (even though I claim a different team!) ha Patrick will love it!


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