Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WOYWW Wednesday 117 - Onesies!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  My body and brain just crashed I guess, so I went to bed very early. (age will do that to you!)  I do have a peek at the project I'm working on for WOYWW Wednesday over at Julia's Stamping Ground.  It's lovely of Julia to host a peek at busy work spaces all over the world.

Here's a peek at the 50 baby shower invitations in process.  That's 50 bases, 50 toppers and 50 inserts plus 50 trims and 50 banners!  Whew!   Our friend is having her first baby.. bet you couldn't guess it's a girl.  That jumble of white in the background is the pearl and satin trim.  I bought way too much but it was on sale 40% off so I'll put it to good use. 

Perhaps I'll put a bit in the Blogaversary Candy I'll be drawing for later today.  ;-)  What?  You didn't know I've been adding to it?  Don't know me well, do you?  LOL!

You do not see that bag of Skittles on my workspace.  I have NO idea how they got there.  ahem!

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jen said...

HOLY PINKNESS!!!! You are so sweet to do these- and they are looking SQUEALIN' cute!!
(what skittles?)

~amy~ said...

50 pink invites.....sooooo fun!!

Monica said...

Wow, think pink!!! SO pretty in pink! Very sweet. Lot of work there as well.

xxx Monica

Sue from Oregon said...

I loved doing projects like this when I had a crafting buddy...not so much by myself LOL!

marjoleincreatief said...

50 of each???? Are you grazy or just too kind for friends??? Oh my, think in coming year you never make something in pink, do you? But fair enough, It looks great!!!!! Big big big complements to you.

Greetz, marjolein

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, cute baby stuff!! I like the trim you've got too. I always buy way too much if it's on offer. I see no Skittles, you must be daydreaming :D !! xx

Annette Allen said...

what are you talking about I don't see skittles...hehehe

Love what you are working on they are just so so cute..

jaymack said...

There is always sugar on your desk.

Karen Wedding said...

I think those invitations are very cute. Great job! Your space looks about like mine. Just enough space to work with the space getting smaller and smaller.

Marie said...

I absolutely love the onesies! I recently just created ONE for my brother inlaws new baby! I cant imagine making 49 more!! As far as the Skittles goes... how can you not craft without a little treat in your belly!! I just recently made a treat box for when I craft:


Crafting Time said...

Gosh you have your work cut out there! I am in the baby mood this week too lol.
I am a new follower of your blog, if you have a few spare minutes please pop over and say hello I came across you via WOYWW.
Helen x

Anouk said...

keep tastin` the rainbow girl!!! although, you seem to be knee-high in pink right now :) Hope your friends appreciate your awesome gift!!

Noukie xx

Elizabeth said...

That's a whole lot of pink going on there this week. You'll probably have completed them by now and the bag of Skittles will be well gone :) Hope you have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #50

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