Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WOYWW 147 - Early by golly!

I've must have been very good because I was going through my Google Reader and there, was WOYWW147, early!  Julia's out and about...while the cat's away and all that!  Normally, I'm number 100+++ because of the time difference.  I ran and took a quick shot of the desk and here ya go:

See that organizer in the corner...brand new and I LOVE IT.  I was able to clear a drawer of big clunky schtuff.  Don't know why I didn't do it sooner.  I can actually find things now.

I have a treat for you too...not a stamping one, a heart one.  A friend passed this on and I don't usually do this but it will make your day, I promise.  To my friends across the pond.  Bravo!

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What impressed me was your Copic holder. Of course, I saw one of those turntable holders at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it, until I saw the price. With even a coupon, it was out of my range. You are lucky and blessed! Happy WOYWW from #3.

Annette Allen said...

love your workspace..

voodoo vixen said...

OK... I don't have any of those pens or anything but i must say I envy you your holder, it is fab. I have one of the white twirly holders... do you find some of the pockets are a bit deep and stuff disappears? Annette #22

Helen said...

Great space, have a fab day. helen #9

CraftygasheadZo said...

Love your storage it looks fab. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 77

Laura said...

Love that your wet wipes are to hand! Nice desk,
from desk 118

May said...

Love your space, and that copics holder is fabulous.... I want one oops no I need one!!!!, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x No14 Loved the video!! even though I watched on TV just had to watch again, they are fantastic,

Jingle said...

I have considered buying one of those SO many times! I just don't know how much good it would do at this point! LOL! Your desk looks great!

Spyder said...

Your organizer in the corner is a woyww favourite, coz once, not that long ago I counted 33 of them! Too dear for me, I have paper-coffee cups glued to a turntable...(so sad!) HaPpY WoyWw!!? Have a great crafty week. ((Lyn)) # 19ish!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I've seen the turnabout organizer at the craft store often and thought it was cool. I have no room on my rolly top desk for it though. I have a much smaller office version on top and that works out okay but yours is definitely cooler looking!

Unknown said...

Beautifully organised desk. Love your new organiser. Suzanne #9

trisha too said...

Okay, I have to admit, I'm too busy staring at all your copics to even look at your workspace!


Darnell J Knauss said...

Wonderfully organized space! Love your new tool organizer. Have a great week! #158

LuLu said...

Howdy and Happy WOYWW!

Beautiful space - and neat desk. Looks very productive. I have that same organizer - liked it so much I now have 2!

Would love for you to stop by my blog when you have a momnet or 2!


Eliza said...

I Think I am going to have to get one of those organizers, they look awesome, just means I have to give up desk space to accommodate it..
might be difficult, off to check out where to get them from..


kay said...

loving your storage and is that a baby pic of you at the top?
have a great week :)
happy woyww

Neesie said...

I'm going to have to find out more about Copic!
I also need a lamp like your's.
I'm not across the pond but I did take a peek at the treat too. Wow it just touched my heart and gave me goosebumps!

I still feel a little nosey snooping around your desk…I suppose that’ll soon disappear once I get into this WOYWW. ;D
Have a wonderful weekend and stay cosy. Neesie #30

SophieNewton said...

I adore that pen organiser, what a fab idea...where did that come from?
Sophie no.183

Unknown said...

I too have that carousel... infact, I bought two - one is still in my garage still in the box. I thought the price on C&C was such a bargain that I couldn't let the chance past. I wouldn't do without mine - it holds such a lot of stuff and free'd me a whole drawer up of stuff.

Also love your pen storage - perspex definately good to keep your desk looking light and airy.

Thank you for sharing your workspace - and happy WOYWW 147

Paula x x x (#51)

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