Monday, April 30, 2012

Teapot Tuesday -Dora's going to New Zealand

My card today is super simple because I'm nursing a bad burn on my wrist caused by steam.  Yow!  That thing hurts....but I so wanted to send a card to this week's Teapot Tuesday (MMTPT196) destination. 

Cindy, our moderator tells the story much better than I could so here she is:

Baby Eva Mitchell is 4 years old and lives at Auckland's Children's Hospital full time. Eva was born with a large hole in her left diaphragm and was unable to develop internally. She was given a very slim chance of surviving at birth, but has beaten the odds more times than anyone can count. Full ecmo life support, strokes causing weakness on her left side, bad chronic lung disease, living on oxygen, stomach and bowel do not function, gastrointestinal failure and she is fed into her blood stream which makes her a sick little girl who battles every single day!! She has lived in Auckland's Children's Hospital most of her life but since being admitted in May of 2009, she has only had 5 hours at home. She teaches us to cherish life, to take everyday as it comes and to run with it because life is precious.

Eva has a Facebook page where you can see lots of photos of her and follow her story. Eva's favorite color is purple although she also loves pink. She is a big Dora the Explorer fan and likes Makeup Mouse too. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up and she loves to play doctors. Her mom is Tiff and Dad is Joel.

Eva will be thrilled to get some pretty mail. Feel free to also send her sister Mela a card if you so desire. It would be really fun if you could include some fun childlike images for the girls to color while they are spending time together in the hospital. Punched shapes might be fun as well.

The cards will be sent to a friend of the family, who will deliver them to Eva at the hospital!

Here is the address:

Eva Mitchell
24 Platina Street,
Remuera, Auckland,
New Zealand, 1050

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Julie Z said...

Really sweet card Charlene - I'm sure she'll love it!!

Shona Erlenborn said...

So cute Charlene.

Ellen Taylor said...

Super cute Charlene! She will be tickled!

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