Friday, May 25, 2012

Foodie Friday and a sad good bye

So yesterday, I'm cleaning the pool and noticed that the chlorine bucket was nearly empty so I decided to carry the bucket with me as I was tossing chlorine into the pool.  Scoop in one hand, bucket in the other...evenly balanced...NOT.  After I tossed a small amount in the shallow end, I headed for the deep end, gave the scoop a big heave ho...and in I went, fully clothed, bucket and scoop still tightly clutched because SOMEONE would have to dive down to get them if they went to the bottom.  Thankfully, I was close enough to the swim out to get myself out...chlorine spots all over my BLACK shorts and top.  Oh, and my hair looked really good prior to the trip, too.  Rats

Ok, now that you've finished laughing, I have a sad announcement.  This will be my last month with Sparkle N Sprinkle.  They have graciously allowed me to step down from the team early.  I want to say thank you to all the ladies of the team who welcomed me so warmly and wish them all much success.  

I've made a card whose sentiment fits the ladies perfectly..they are "Sassy (in a nice way! and Classy".


This image and sentiment are from another brand new set called Vintage Boutique.   And....Monday, May 31st, you can get your entire order 31% off in honor of Memorial Day!  You can find all the details here.

Now for the food....I'm trying to lose a few pounds in preparation for planned swims in the pool this summer, ahem!   3 lbs. down,  2 to go!   So the food today is for the dogs...literally.  Our little Bentley is graduating from Intermediate dog class tomorrow so we're taking treats for his doggie classmates.

These are as yummy as they look.  I didn't put them on a Google Doc before but finally got that done so that you can print out the recipe. 

Bentley in his bike basket. 

Sorry for the long post today.   I'm gonna wash my hair now.

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Annette Allen said...

so this CLASSY card...

If i was your neighbor i would be over all the time...i am sure i would smell the good food cooking at your house... lol :)

Riet said...

Whhat a gorgeous card Charlene.

Hugs Riet.xx

jen said...

OH NO!!!! I'm sorry, but that did make me laugh! I hope you are ok- except for your now uber-trendy spotted shorts/top!!!
Love your card & Bentley looks adorable in his basket!!

Sue from Oregon said...

At least Bently did not have to pull you out of the pool Mama! His treats look good enough to eat LOL.

Brenda said...

Bentley is adorable!!! The SNS Design team is so sorry to see you go, but we'll be checkin' in at your blog hop to drool over all the food LOL. Your beautiful creations too :)

Unknown said...

Sorry to see you go....your talent will be missed...Your card is beautiful!

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