Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WOYWW163 - My new best friend

It's time to peek at all the workdesks around the world via Julia's Stamping GroundI thought I'd give you a wide view of my room this week (while it's mostly clean!)

The center island has drawers that hold my ribbons.  It;s also where I pack and prepare to ship my Etsy store orders.  More about that later!

The big black cabinet was found at Goodwill a few years ago before I had the other pieces.  My DH made 
shelves for the inside and I painted it black. 

Thought I'd introduce you to my new best friend.


Sorry for the grainy photo it's a mirror shot.  I'm hoping this big boy and physical therapy (starts tomorrow) will keep me from knee replacement surgery.

Hubby is off tomorrow so I probably won't get around to see many desks until  later.  Don't forget about the post here.  wink, wink! 
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Carol<>< said...

what a great craft room and the view is lovely...looking at your knee, I can feel your pain, I had one of three euflexxa shots in my left knee, my Dr. wants to try that before thinking about surgery. I can tell slightly that it feels better, I will know more in 2 weeks. Best of luck,
Carol N<><

~amy~ said...

Look at your fab space!!!!!

Oh no...I hope you don't need that surgery:(

Belinda said...

Oh Charlene, what a beautiful craft room. Love that you have so much work surfaces.

Would love to hear more about your Etsy store. I just opened one recently and am always looking for tips.

I hope your knee feels better soon and that you can avoid surgery.

Come play at my desk if you have time.

Belinda (39)

Unknown said...

Love your craft space with such a lovely bright cheerful view and those cute little containers, presume they hold buttons?
Cheers, Elaine #23

SandeeNC said...

OK, I know this will sound goofy but I swear it's helped my knees out. Eat a cup of jello every day...seriously, I forget where I read about it, but I can honestly say I have seen improvement! I have turned into a Soarin Strawberry girl, lol If you do try it and it helps, let me know! Good luck! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina #50, unless someone removes a link, lol

scrappymo! said...

Lovely room! Sorry about the need for the brace.
I need total knee replacement (both knees) and know your pain.
I have had mine scoped for torn meniscus and it really helped as they debride any roughness while they are in there. It has given me a couple extra years grace.
Good luck with the brace.

Regina Easter said...

hey girlie, how in the world have ya been...your room looks delightful....yuck about the knee, a friend of mine just had knee surgery....I will be keeping ya in my prayers........miss ya..hugs

Sunshine Girl said...

Wow what a fabulous craft room you have there - very creative. Hope your knee gets better soon. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 58

okienurse said...

great looking crafting space and it looks very creative and busy! Sorry to see you are burdened with a brace but hope it does keep you from surgery. BTW wanted to say thank you for the great dies you sent me. Love the size of the letters! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #67

Inkypinkycraft said...

great craftroom, hope the strap thing works for your knee, trace x 56

Jingle said...

Oh, wow, Char! Your room is GORGEOUS!!! I love it! Okay...so I want to see how/where you store your ribbon...Mine needs HELP and I know your collection must look a lot like mine! LOL!

Michelle (aka Meechelle) said...

Wow, you have a beautiful craft room! Thanks for sharing. -Meechelle #122

Shoshi said...

Charlene, what a fabulous creative space you've got! One day I'd like to be this organised. I hope the knee support does its stuff and eases the pain, as well as preventing you having to have surgery!!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Peggy Cain said...

great looking craft room hope your knee heals up ok have a great day!

Glenda said...

Sorry to be so late in commenting. It seems it takes me longer and longer to get around. Oh my take care of that knee and I do love, love, love your space!

Neesie said...

Now that's a seriously fantastic creative space Charlene! It must be a pleasure to potter and pack in there. ;D
It also looks so organised!
I hope the brace works ~ anything that can save surgery must be worth a try...hopefully it'll be successful :D
Thanks for popping over to my place. Have fun with WOYWW ~ Neesie #13

Morti said...

Love your space - and it looks like you've got a great view to the outside world too!

Fingers crossed for your knee, hun...

Morti #58

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