Tuesday, August 28, 2012

it's raining, it's pouring...still

Thought I would poke my head out during a lull in the downpour and take a few pictures out the back door.  I didn't take time to adjust the photos so they are raw right from the camera.

This is the drainage ditch and pond behind the house.  As you can see, they have become one.  This ditch is normally dry and about 3-4 ft. deep.

Here's another view facing the street.  That's not a UFO on the photo...it's a raindrop.  :-)

Oh, if you feel compelled to lay mulch...there are two pallets sitting there.  Don't guess I'll be doing laundry for a few days as the septic tank is proably full...breaks my heart.  Not!!

Still sprinkling this a.m.  Wreckers pulling cars out of the water at the entrance to our neighborhood. 

We are praying for those along the Gulf Coast.  They're expecting 20 inches of rain and a storm surge. 

Hoping the tornado threat is over ..yesterday was a scarey day.

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scrappymo! said...

Hope everyone around you is OK and prayers for those still being affected.

Theresa said...

That is a lot of water. I live in a mountainous region so the water drains away right away.
Anyway, your property looks very lovely and well cared for.

Sue from Oregon said...

How are things today Charlene?

Ellen Taylor said...

That's a good Polly Anna attitude Charlene! Take joy in the fact that you can't do laundry!!I haven't had time to watch the news for so long until this morning, didn't realize it was that scary. Hope it all stops soon for you all!

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