Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It;s Wednesday and that means it's time once again for a visit to Julia's Stamping Ground and WOYWW174.

Nothing new and exciting...just rearranged the shelves a bit.

I cleaned up my workdesk today, then promptly began making a mess once again.   There's some lovely flocked paper and few Christmas (good grief) stamps sets out.  I really hate doing Christmas until I've had time to enjoy Thanksgiving.  Seems the retailiers just jump from Halloween right into Christmas then rush us into Valentine's Day before we've had a chance to take the tree down. 

My BOO is actually a CD holder I made for The Cutting Cafe some time ago..I still love it.!! 

I think I shall protest this year.

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okienurse said...

I am with you about rushing the holidays one into the other. I was bent out of shape going into Hobby Lobby in July and seeing the Christmas Trees already up and the Summer stuff on Clearance. Now all the craft stores have things out and I can understand the need to have it available for crafters but whats the deal with the retail shops and even my local grocers has a tree up! Grrr...to early! Have a great week. Love the BOO card!
Vickie @ www.okienurse.blogspot.com

Francesca said...

I know what you mean, here just after Xmas the Easter eggs are out. Love your boo card Francesca #52

Frances said...

Your desk is so nice with all of the organization. I like to see my tools and supplies too. I hear you about Christmas, it is everywhere already and only Oct 3. Yikes. I would protest too if I didn't love it;). Have a great week. Frances #117

Unknown said...

Your tools and colors are so organized! I do love Christmas and jumping right into making things for Christmas--but nothing's better than a Thanksgiving turkey roasting in my oven!

Regina Easter said...

isnt that so true...maybe i can protest with ya....goodness...hugs

Julia Dunnit said...

BOO! That's such a cute card! I also very like the pale ribbon, so pretty.

Ali H said...

Looking super organised ! I haven't even thought about Christmas yet - hoping it will creep up on me slowly ! Love your Boo !! And your pen storage - very neat yet handy to see all the colours easily ! Have a fun crafty week ! Ali #47

shazsilverwolf said...

Love your desk space. I so agree with you- it feels like we don't have time to enjoy each holiday, and I swear it makes the years go by so fast- we're always weeks ahead of ourselves. Have a great week, Shaz #58

MiniOwner said...

I love your BOO! CD case and also your pen storage. I've really enjoyed visiting your lovley workdesk albeit a day late.
Sue x (MiniOwner #147)

Eliza said...

Hello Charlene, I really love your space and that Boo box is great, some things you just seem to take a fancy to and love it for years, I am like that too and boo is one for sure to love for a long time, it's quirky and funny.

I'm with you on the rushing into the next merchandising fiasco with the shops. We don't do thanksgiving here but I do love christmas.

Maybe one day I will spend thanksgiving in the states.

Belated WOYWW
Eliza #53

Sue from Oregon said...

Okay, I am holding out to see if you will boycott Christmas projects until after Thanksgiving-Don't protest too hard! LOL

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