Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's help these kids get a puppy!

Update:  The kids got over 2 million likes and some tv stations picked them up....puppy time!!
Kids want puppy...Dad says if they get 1 million "Likes" on their Facebook page, they can have one.  They have over 10,000 likes now...what do you say bloggers?  Let's help them get that puppy.  They said it will be a rescue so that means some sweet pup gets a new home too.  Please like their page then pass it on.  :-)

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Sparkly Engineer said...

saw this on facebook and couldn't resist their plea

Eliza said...


Ok I can send out notices to my friends and daughters friends that will help but is this on facebook, blog comments were are the likes to get posted too.

If you want help we need more information.


Eliza said...

Ok Stupid me delete the last message, found the link DD told me LOL


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