Saturday, February 14, 2009

He did it all by himself!!

Two posts today.
Look what my husband made while I was out. His very first card unassisted and with little to no idea what to use or how to do it. I came home from working at church and there it was. Isn't he the sweetest? He also brought me a beautiful bromeliad...I'm not one for things that don't last roses. I love them but when they're gone...they're gone.

He found some single stationary notes that I had gotten in a huge pack at Target awhile ago so this is a flat card. He used a scrap I had laying out from the Making Memories Sabrina pack and the scalloped heart was on my desk. He found my punches and punched the rest himself. I asked how he adhered it all...Mono-multi...and did you notice he scored the center of the scalloped heart and left the edges upturned? Clever fella...he even has one of the hearts tucked into the dotted piece...he said he wanted it to look like it was coming out of a box.
I think I may need to take some lessons...he obviously has skills he's been hiding these 40 years.

P.S. He said he couldn't find a "bee" after he'd written his cute "Will you "bee" my Valentine?" hee,hee...I think it's fine the way it is.

Blessings and Happy Stamping!

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Anonymous said...

He sure is a keeper!

Nancy said...

Awwww...great card he made for you. How sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a treasure!!!

Anonymous said...

What a special card! What a special husband!

Jules said...

That is such a sweet thing for your husband to do. It's too bad there aren't more men out there like him (lol). ;)

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