Saturday, August 20, 2011

Share your Oopsie for a Chance at some May Arts Ribbon!

Come on, admit it.  We all have a project that makes us "cringe" "what WAS I thinking!?"

This weekend we are all about Crafty Cringes! That's right, May Arts wants to see the least favorite project of yours! A real "oopsie"!

There are 2 ways to post your pictures: email it to or post it on our Facebook Page! Better yet, do both!

Did you destroy the evidence already & not have a picture? ;) That's ok too! Tell us all about it with a comment.

The prize?

3 spools of May Arts Ribbon - Your Choice!

Winner will be posted Monday, August 22nd.

I can't play but here's mine:

I changed it to this:

It makes a big difference. don't you think?

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1 comment:

palparis said...

It is amazing the difference that green strip makes-It goes from pretty to WOW!

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