Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WOYWW178 - the paint has dried!

First of all, our prayers go out to the good people devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  It will be many years before their lives will be back to "normal".   We have gone through hurricanes and know the devastation they cause emotionally, physically and financially.

If you can donate to one of the organizations who are going in to help out, I hope you will take the time today to do so.  We chose Samaritan's Purse (88% goes directly to aid) and  Operation Blessing,,  for our donations.  There are a couple of others here.  They will need lots of volunteers as well.

 Oh,'s been a few days since I've posted and I do miss it but business comes before pleasure, dagnabit!

Well, the paint is FINALLY cleaned up.  The carpet cleaners, (who I will NEVER use again), initials SS, were here and gone in less than 20 minutes...under 20 minutes to clean the entire bedroom/hallway and a paint spill?!!  I couldn't check it until the next day because it was "wet" and we weren't to walk on it for 6-8 hours.

So I wait, go into the room and put my fingers into the carpet and come up with a hand covered in paint.  Had to call them out again....they send two new guys, who I will call, Frick and Frack.  Frick is armed with a spray bottle an old towel.  Frack watches.  Frick sprays something on the rug, rubs it and says, "See, there's your paint!"  No kidding?  Then he proceeds to try to sell me an outdoor mat.   Total cost - $104.00

I had to get out my trusty Krud Kutter, and get the rest of the paint out myself.  The carpet did need cleaned due to the bathroom renovation but honestly, the first two guys...and why does it take two to clean one room?  Those two were more interested in the design of my house than in getting out the paint.

Ok...enough of the rant. here's my bed (I LOVE my bed!) in my newly painted room.  I talked hubby into the bedroom set 15 years ago when I found it on clearance and I still adore it.

The walls were a darker brown which looked nice but made the room too dark. Now they're Benjamin Moore Muslin and it's nice a bright.  The big window is a sliding door out to the patio and pool area. 

I love the metal work on the bed.  It's covered by the pillows but it has a heart in the center of the swirls.

I made the lined draperies from some silk I found on sale at Calico Corners a few years ago.  They look darker than they are...they're closer to the blues in the pillows.  DH actually chose the ruffled and embroidered pillows.  He's pretty good, eh?

Be sure to take a jaunt over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what's on the workdesks this week.  I did manage to glue down the pieces of the card that was in progress last week, got a stamp set this week from a brand new company but a blog you may be familiar with, CAS-ual Fridays, and dug out some metal dies but no crafty goodness coming from the desk yet. 

I am working on DT projects though so be sure to stay tuned for those and there just might be some blog candy in the works....

Happy sure to say hi to Julia!

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scrappymo! said...

Ohhhh, your room looks lovely...The bed is gorgeous...Fancy your hubby picking out those lovely pillows.
mine has a zillion opinions on furniture purchases but leaves the soft furnishing ideas to me...thank goodness as he can drag furniture buy out into a several month decision!!!
Love your new paint colours!

Unknown said...

Love your furniture! Be careful with those "cleaning" people..sigh #25

Anonymous said...

Happy WOYWW. I love the new colours - so peaceful. Would like to see a picture of your pool area, just so I can dream of sunshine! Ali x #52

Ali H said...

It looks a lovely bright & peaceful room ! A great place to start & end your day ! Hope the smell of paint goes eventually - we decorated our room in August & it has just about gone now ! Ali #57

Tammy said...

What a fabulous room! It's so pretty -- must be such a haven to retreat to at the end of the day. Great stuff going on your desk. Fun ornament dies. Happy WOYWW! Tammy #106

MiniOwner said...

Oh my your bed is stunning. Happy Wednseday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner @98)

Andrea said...

what a beautiful room and fabulous bed it looks so inviting you must be so pleased with the final result my HB would never allow something so feminine and pretty you lucky lady. As for the card I love it simple and elegant and the colour scheme is ace.looking forward to coming back to see your next creations and using your new goodies . have a fab week x #99

Regina Easter said...

oh my word............this is gorgeous....

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